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Announcing ‘Miracle Supplement’ Rhodiola Rosea

From the desk of: Keith Woolley
Date: Tuesday 20th May 2008

Dear Friend,

Eric Anderson Meet Eric Anderson.

Eric is 42 years old and is a long-distance lorry driver.

For a long time Eric had been battling low energy and depression.

In his own words: “My get-up-and-go had definitely got-up-and-gone!”

“For the past year I just went to work, came home, and went to sleep. My social life was totally non-existent.”

One night on a journey from London to Newcastle (about a 6-hour journey), Eric had to stop 4 times for naps, making him over an hour late with his delivery.

"You have to be able to explain every minute of your trip when you’re a lorry driver. I knew that night if I didn’t get some help, I was either going to have a serious accident or I was going to lose my job."

But a year ago Eric discovered the incredible power of the stress-busting, 100% natural anti-depressant; Rhodiola Rosea.

Eric’s been taking Viridian’s Rhodiola Rosea for the last 12 months...

"I feel much safer in my job, and I now have the energy to go horse riding and start socialising again."

So Why Does Rhodiola Rosea Work So Well?

Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea optimises the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body, meaning reduced stress levels and fatigue... as well as increased mental and physical performance.

But to be honest, Rhodiola Rosea isn’t a new discovery.

It’s been used for decades in Scandinavia and Russia to cope with the cold climate and stressful lifestyle.

Also many successful Russian athletes (some of whom are Olympic champions!) have used Rhodiola to maximise their performance.

But the good news is you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy the benefits!

Rhodiola is as useful for female corporate executives and male construction workers as it is for highly trained Olympic athletes.

Here’s Just Some Of The Benefits Of Taking This 100% Natural Supplement:

bullet Alleviates stress and improves mood – studies show Rhodiola Rosea works as an effective anti-depressant
bullet Accelerated cardiovascular and muscle recovery time after exercise
bullet Increased stamina for athletes or anyone doing exercise
bullet Greater back muscle strength
bullet Better co-ordination
bullet Enhances muscle energy stamina during periods of peak physical stress
bullet Improved mental alertness
bullet ... And it’s even said to have aphrodisiac qualities!

So now you may be thinking, “this sounds great, but how do I know it works?”

Solid *Proof* That Rhodiola Rosea Gets Results...

For Athletes...
Researchers discovered 89% of athletes supplemented with Rhodiola showed a rapid improvement in both speed and strength during track and field, swimming, speed skating and skiing.

For Those With An Intense Work Schedule...
In another experiment, researchers found Rhodiola Rosea increased participants measured working capacity by 80%

For Anyone With Stress And/Or Fatigue...
Remember Eric’s story...?

Martin Salvage Improved Her Life WIth Rhodiola Rosea “I used to teach in Glasgow, which is some 75 miles away from where I live in East Fife.

This would mean getting up at 5.10am when it was still dark and returning home at 6pm, when it was dark, or getting dark, a daily roundtrip of 150 miles, five days a week, in the dark!

Continuing as I was it wasn’t long before my light-starved existence began to take its toll on my health.

I started to feel very lethargic and quite low, which is typical of Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), a depressive condition triggered by diminished exposure to natural light.

Because my day started in the dark and finished in the dark, my body clock was all over the place; I sometimes had trouble sleeping, which meant trouble waking and generally I felt quite sluggish and down.

I then read about Rhodiola rosea I decided to give it a go.

Within just a couple of days I felt a difference; I had more energy and wasn’t nearly as tired as I used to be, which consequently led to an improvement in my mood.”

-- Martin Salvage, Fife

“My third stroke in 1995 really hit me hard. It had taken me three and a half years to recover fully from my second stroke and countless hours of physiotherapy.

Just when things seemed to be returning to normal for me; I was mobile again, working full time and I had my independence, I suffered a third stroke. I was absolutely devastated.

My GP signed me off of work indefinitely and any semblance of normality disappeared. I was officially ‘disabled’.

To say that I felt depressed is an understatement. I had lost everything; my wife, my house, my job as a firefighter and now my health.

My doctor prescribed anti-depressants which I took for the best part of three years but they didn’t really help.

I felt miserable and without purpose. I had no energy or enthusiasm for anything and my lack of libido threatened any hope of a lasting relationship.

Friends and family were very supportive, but there wasn’t really anything they could do to make me feel better. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Rhodiola rosea that my condition showed any sign of improving.

After almost five years of coping with depression I was extremely doubtful that a herbal remedy would be able to succeed where conventional anti-depressants had not.

After just two weeks I felt as if my mood had lifted - ever so slightly at first – but as I continued with the capsules, much more noticeably.

As time passed I felt better and better and after four weeks it felt as if a switch had been flicked in my head and the mental conflict I had been experiencing for so long had gone.

It’s difficult to explain but my outlook on life had changed; ever since my last stroke, I had had a somewhat narrowed perception of my capabilities, but now for the first time in almost five years, my life didn’t seem nearly so limited or bleak.

I was gradually weaned off of the anti-depressants and still I continued to feel well just taking the Rhodiola rosea twice a day.

It wasn’t long before friends and family noticed a difference too; outwardly I was a lot happier – guilty even of whistling to myself or bursting into song – and I had so much more energy than before. My poor dog JJ has never been on so many walks!

I’ve been taking Viridian’s Rhodiola rosea capsules for approximately 5 years now and I can honestly say they make me feel I can cope with whatever life throws at me!”

-- Michael Titterington

Patel Priti Improved Her Life WIth Rhodiola Rosea “For as long as I can remember, certainly for the past 15 years, I have slept fitfully; lying awake for ages before falling asleep, waking in the middle of the night and falling asleep during the day.

When I was younger this erratic sleeping pattern didn’t concern me; yes there were times when I felt really tired following a particularly restless night, but I always had enough energy to bounce back.

Try bouncing back with two very young children! With a 1 year-old and a 2½ year-old - both still waking during the night - I was beginning to find it increasingly difficult to manage on the little sleep I was getting.

I was permanently tired, irritable and stressed - not the nicest of people to be around!

In the end it was my husband who came to my rescue. He had read about the potential health benefits of Rhodiola rosea and bought me some to try.

Within five days I was sleeping better at night, I wasn’t as restless as I used to be and I had much more energy during the day. I wasn’t as stressed either or as snappy with the children. Even my husband has commented on how calm I am!

I’ve been taking Viridian’s Rhodiola rosea for 2 months now and I can’t believe how much better I feel. Never again will I underestimate the benefits of a good night’s sleep!”

-- Priti Patel

And there’s countless other research studies proving the effectiveness of Rhodiola Rosea. For a full, detailed report just click here.

In short...

If You Want Increased Levels Of Energy, Stamina, Or Even Just A Bit Of A ‘Pick Me Up’ In Times Of Stress... Then Rhodiola Rosea Is THE Number 1 Natural Solution

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In fact Viridian have donated over £30,000 since 2000 to charities such as NSPCC, Childline, Friends of the Earth, Barnados, and many others.

So, back to Eric...

Apparently he’s still waiting for an opportunity to try out the ‘aphrodisiac qualities’ of Rhodiola, but to find out for yourself, just click here to go through to our secure order page.

To your health and happiness,


Keith Woolley
Director, Boots Herbal Stores

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